Finite Elemets Method

FEM analysis

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Mavet offers its customers a completely digitised CAE/CAD process that allows performing FEM (Finite Element Method) tests, which are very important for optimising the structure of the helmet.

A helmet must protect without being heavy. To optimise its ability to absorb impacts in relation to its weight it is, therefore, essential to perform the greatest possible number of tests with different materials and layers.
In the process normally used, the limitation is the need to physically produce a series of helmets for testing.
Instead, helmets reproduced using a mathematical model makes it possible to perform tests using FEM (Finite Element Analysis). With this sophisticated methodology, Mavet can check different materials and different combinations of them with a series of crash tests, even before we start making the moulds required for the production of the helmet. In this way, a helmet can be tested a virtually infinite number of times to more quickly and more thoroughly evaluate both the shell and the absorption material and ultimately design a more protective helmet.
The results of FEM analysis indicate if the structure of the helmet should be modified to achieve the performance required by Dainese, which is more stringent than current standards.

For the fine-tuning of this important design step, Mavet collaborates with prestigious international universities and research centres.
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